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carlos cortez

Hola yo soy Carlos Cortez, 

Founder of AWS UG Perú official community. Certified With 7+ years of experience in AWS,  creating different ways to educate and enhance cloud skills in Perú. Also Founder and CTO of CENNTI Cloud, my own company to help peruavian companies in their difficult journey to the cloud. In 2020, CENNTI is developing Machine Learning Health solutions to fight COVID-19.

I’m studied Computer Systems Engineer at  Norbert Wiener University, Lima,  Big Data and Machine Learning Professional Diploma and Data Analytics Certified at MIT Sloan, Boston.

I was selected to be part of the VIP Global Program, AWS Community Builder for Machine Learning and Serverless. Very proud to be part of AWS World!!!! Let's continue building!

My best skill is to deliver an efficient level of communication, planning, cost optimization and organizing cloud environments in Machine Learning and Serverless solutions. Recognized by AWS as a success story after big migration, breaking workload historical record at LaRepú, also Keynote Speaker at AWS Summit Lima 2016. 

Educating people in Cloud computing is my passion.

I founded it when I was working at the newspaper El Comercio, in Orbis Ventures, together with Raúl Hugo and John Navarro, who were part of the infrastructure team when I arrived there in 2014

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I have 8 years migrating AWS workloads across Latin America

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